Communication at the Core.

It’s a well known fact that non-verbal communication and body language are consciously and subconsciously utilised more when trying to understand what someone is really saying.

During the 4 months I was working with children ages 4-14 body language and none verbal communication became such an important factor in the way we understood each other.

As you get to know one another the communication becomes easier and the little looks they do between themselves or slight movements in their chair can say so much. Being able to have TEFL experience especially with young people has made me realise how much I focus on communication - how important it is for our everyday ability to navigate through life. In fact in most cases I can think of, when there has been a problem, a disagreement or a lingering issue it normally comes back to poor communication.

It also made me start to think about what interests me, what’s important in my life and within my own practice. When I look back at projects I have devised or planned and work I have made that still resonates with me - running through it is a channel of communication. Whether it’s been me or my artwork trying to communicate with the viewer, or the notion of playing with communication or using it as a jumping off point…

I feel like loose ends are coming together and I have made peace with the fact that I have many interests I can necessarily squeeze them all into one box and label it ‘my artistic output’. But doing this TEFL course and the experience of teaching English instead of teaching art or drama has shown me just how highly I regard communication - in all it’s forms.

So now I am on a hunt and research phase. I have an open studios event coming up in September and there is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind. My recent travels have given me wonderful material starting points but what I really need is some good reading!

So if anyone knows of any interesting books, videos, podcasts, audio clips, essays, ted talks…etc that I can start to draw from to get my creativity ignited please recommend! No idea is too distant or ridiculous and everything will be carefully considered.

Email me - with ideas or DM me on Twitter or Instagram.


Communication in all its forms.